Astro Integration

Astro is a modern framework that's been causing a stir as of late, billing itself as being great for building "fast, content-focused websites." Two of its primary selling points include a framework-agnostic approach to building sites, as well as the "islands" architecture it's been pioneering.

These instructions assume you've already created a JamComments account as well as a site within that account. If you haven't, learn more about that process on the Getting Started page.

Installation & Configuration

Install the plugin by running npm install @jam-comments/astro or yarn add @jam-comments/astro. After doing so, configure it by setting the following environment variables in your site:

JAM_COMMENTS_DOMAINThe domain for your site as configured in your account. Don't include the protocol ("https").
JAM_COMMENTS_API_KEYThe API generated in your account settings.
JAM_COMMENTS_ENVIRONMENTSetting this to development will cause "dummy" comments to be locally rendered, which is helpful for styling.


Import the JamComments.astro component, place it where you'd like comments to render, and pass in the current path as a prop. You're done!

import JamComments from '@jam-comments/astro';

const { url } = Astro.props;

// The rest of your markup...

<JamComments path={url} />


The source for this plugin is open to contributions. If you have a bug fix or idea for improvement, leave a pull request or issue in the GitHub repository.