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Running in Development Mode

To make the setup & customization of JamComments a little easier, some special behavior has been built-in while running your site in development mode, which is determined by any environment that is not “production”. Specifically, two things will occur:

#1. Dummy comments will be rendered.

It’s just a list of a few example comments. Disregard the content itself. Again, it’s just to help you see how comments will render once your site is deployed.

#2. Comments will be submitted quietly.

It’ll look like you’ve just submitted a comment, but you won’t get an email notificaiton, your webhooks won’t be triggered, and the comment will not be rendered anywhere on your site.

Configuring Development Mode

You can explicitly set your environment to set development mode while setting up your integration. For example, for the Remix integration, it’d look something like this:

const markup = await fetchMarkup({
domain: process.env.JAM_COMMENTS_DOMAIN as string,
apiKey: process.env.JAM_COMMENTS_API_KEY as string,
path: `/posts/${params.slug}`,
environment: process.env.NODE_ENV, // <-- Environment explicitly set here.

Or, for a different language flavor, here’s how the Bridgetown integration would look:

Bridgetown.configure do |config|
init :bridgetown_jam_comments
domain ""
api_key "123-api-key"
environment "production" # <-- Environment explicitly set here.

Platform-Based Environment Defaults

When an environment is not explicitly set, each integration will attempt to reasonably assume the current environment. For example, the Jekyll integration will fall back to JEKYLL_ENV, and Node-based integrations will use process.env.NODE_ENV.