A comment service for your blog that won't leave you feeling like you missed a shower.

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  • SEO-friendly. Comments are statically rendered and easily indexable by search engines. Structured data (JSON-LD) is auto-generated for you too.
  • Creep-free. No advertisements, creepy tracking, or secret data collection. Basically the polar opposite of Disqus.
  • Performance-minded. There'll be no two-ton JavaScript files here. Just what's needed to make the thing work.

You don't need to sell your soul to put comments on your static site.

There aren't many great options for supporting comments on a blog powered by a static site generator. What does exist is either too complicated to set up, or involves selling your soul to a third-party provider that bastardizes your privacy, kills your site's performance, and limits your SEO (👋, Disqus!). The tradeoffs are just too high.

JamComments is different. It's a simple comment service with the fundamental features you need, and none of the bloat you don't.

A different blogging comment platform.
  • example comment form
  • Not embedded — integrated.

    JamComments integrates directly into your site's build process, generating cold, hard HTML. Comments become a first-class piece of your site's content. Not an afterthought.

  • Markdown-powered editing.

    No over-featured WYSIWYG editors. JamComments supports Markdown out-of-the-box. Simple, fast, and familiar.

  • No ads. No tracking.

    JamComments doens't give a rip about your readers' personal information. It just collects & serve comments. If you're interested in being a product, try Disqus.

  • Tailored to your static site generator.

    You won't get a bloated, one-size-fits-all JavaScript bundle. JamComments offers dedicated plugins specifically built for today's most popular static site generators.

  • Authenticated or anonymous.

    No account is required to comment. But if readers would like a more seamless experience, including the ability to view all previous comments, simple authentication is offered.

  • Bring your comments with you.

    No need to start from scratch. JamComments has built-in support for importing from WordPress and Disqus.

Simple moderation features you'd expect.
administration panel example
  • Approve & delete comments.

    Easily approve pending comments or delete the ones you don't want to keep. Auto-approval of comments is also possible with a simple toggle.

  • Webhook-ready.

    Whenever a comment status changes or a new one is created, a webhook endpoint of your choosing can be hit, triggering a new build of your site.

Getting set up is simple.
Boring, straightforward pricing.
  • Hobby $0/month

    Give it a shot for a while. Collect a total of 10 comments on a site for free.
  • Pro $4/month

    Now you're serious. Use on up to three sites with unlimited comments.
  • Special?

    Get in touch. We'll work something out.
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