Stupid-Simple Comments for the Jamstack

statically rendered, ad-free, nothing fancy.

Your Jamstack blog isn't complicated. Comments shouldn't be either.

Today, options to collect & display comments on your static site require either manually piecing together a hodge-podge of technologies, or selling yourself (and your readers) to a soulless third-party service. JamComments doesn't try to be anything other than a stupid-simple comment service that's easy to set up and doesn't leave you feeling guilty after doing so.

  • Not embedded. Integrated.

    JamComments will plug directly into your SSG's build process, spitting out statically rendered comments for your posts. Comments become an engagement-driving, performance-mindful piece of your site's content -- not an afterthought.

  • No ads, sketchy data mining, or tracking.

    By being "stupid-simple", JamComments has no choice but to not give a rip about selling your readers garbage or collecting any bit of information about them. It'll just collect & serve comments. Nothing really fancy.

  • Tailored to your SSG.

    Rather than getting a big, one-size-fits-all JavaScript bundle to embed, JamComments will offer dedicated plugins specifically built for today's most popular static site generators.

    • Hobby $0/month

      Give it a shot for a while. Collect up to 10 comments on one site for free.
    • Pro $5/month

      Now you're serious. Use on up to three sites with unlimited comments.

    And that's the pitch. Now, sign up: Sign Up