Eleventy Integration

The official plugin for integrating JamComments into your Eleventy site.


In order to use this plugin, you'll need a JamComments account, where you'll also need to have created a site and generated an API key.


Run npm install @jam-comments/eleventy.


In your .eleventy.js file, require the plugin and initialize it with your site's domain and API key.

const jamComments = require('@jam-comments/eleventy');

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {
eleventyConfig.addPlugin(jamComments, {
domain: process.env.JAM_COMMENTS_DOMAIN,
apiKey: process.env.JAM_COMMENTS_API_KEY

Displaying Comments

Embed the jamcomments Nunjucks shortcode in the template that renders individual posts or pages.

<h1>My Page Title</h1>

<p>Here's some page content.</p>

<!-- Form and comments will render here! -->
{{ "{% jamcomments %}" | escape }}

Supported Rendering Engines

  • *.njk
  • *.liquid


The source for this plugin is open to contributions. If you have a bug fix or idea for improvement, leave a pull request or issue in the GitHub repository.