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Importing Comments from WordPress

You can import your WordPress comments by uploading a CSV file on the import page within the JamComments dashboard.

Importing from WordPress

In order import comments from WordPress, you’ll need to create a CSV export from the following query. It’s largely just the contents of the wp_comments table, joined with the wp_posts table to access the post slugs.

The following query assumes your table prefix is wp_:

SELECT wp_comments.*, wp_posts.post_name
FROM wp_comments
JOIN wp_posts ON = wp_comments.comment_post_id;

Important! The post_name value will be treated as the full path of your post. If the posts on your destination use a slightly different path (ex: they start with /posts/*), this column will need to be modified to match that new path exactly. Otherwise, comments will not render correctly after the migration.

After the import process is complete, you’ll be shown how many comments were imported, as well as if any duplicate comments were skipped.

Have Issues?

Let me know! Importing comments is a relatively new feature, and so I’m especially happy to help work through any issues that arise.