Frequently Asked Questions

Who built this?

Alex MacArthur did. To learn more about me, you can visit this website, follow me on Twitter, and if you want, send me a message. I'll do my best to respond promptly!

What if I subscribe and end up hating this tool with a burning passion?

Contact me and I'll refund you.

What if I want to export all of my data?

That functionality has yet to be built into the application, but I can get it for you if you contact me.

Can I migrate data from Disqus?

Not yet. But it is possible to do so with your WordPress comments.

What will the Hobby plan get me?

With the Hobby plan, you can collect up to 10 comments on a single site. That count doesn't reset after each month. So, once you've hit 10 comments, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Can I style everything differently?

Yes! You're encouraged to override styles as needed. A decent, base-level of styles was built into each integration, but to make it fit the look & feel of your site, you can override the jc-* classes to your liking. Get friendly with your browser's dev tools and have at it.