A guilt-free comment service for Jamstack blogs.

A Disqus alternative that's SEO-friendly, ad-free, and intentionally boring.

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Don't sell your soul to put comments on your static site.

Today, there aren't many great options for supporting comments on a blog powered by a static site generator. What does exist is either too complicated to set up, or involves selling your soul to a third-party provider that bastardizes your privacy, kills your site's performance, and compromises your SEO (👋, Disqus!). The tradeoffs are just too high.

JamComments is different, trying to be nothing more than a stupid-simple comment service. It's easy to et up and doesn't leave you feeling guilty.

example comment form
  • Not embedded. Integrated.

    JamComments integrates directly into your site's build process, generating cold, hard HTML. Comments become a crawlable, SEO-friendly piece of your site's content -- not an afterthought.

  • No ads, data mining, or tracking.

    By being "stupid-simple", JamComments is too dumb to give a rip about selling your readers garbage or collecting any bit of information to resell. It just collects & serve comments. No more wondering how Disqus is profiting from you or your readers' data.

  • Tailored to your static site generator.

    Rather than requring you to embed a bloated, one-size-fits-all JavaScript bundle, JamComments offers dedicated plugins specifically built for today's most popular static site generators.

    administration panel example
    • Approve & delete comments.

      Easily approve pending comments or delete the ones you don't want to keep. Auto-approval of comments is also possible with a simple toggle.

    • Webhook-ready.

      Whenever a comment status changes or a new one is created, a webhook endpoint of your choosing can be hit, triggering a new build of your site.

      • Create an Account

        It's completely free. No card required.

      • Install an Integration

        Each integration comes with simple default styles that you're free to adjust as desired.

      • Configure & Tweak

        Create an API key, determine whether comments will be automatically approved. That's about it.

      • Hobby $0/month

        Give it a shot for a while. Collect a total of 10 comments on a site for free.
      • Pro $5/month

        Now you're serious. Use on up to three sites with unlimited comments.

      Your blog isn't complicated. Comments shouldn't be either. Create a Free Account